Management Student Maxine’s Top Five in Fabulous Canterbury

By Maxine Safo-Frimpong

Are you new to the Canterbury Campus and want some top tips on the best places to go? Here, third year student Maxine Safo-Frimpong, who is taking a Year in Industry as a Student Experience Assistant, offers up her five favourite things about the campus and surrounding areas.

1. Shopping heaven! 

The City Centre is the heart of Canterbury since there is something for everyone from little boutique stores such as gift shop Wrapped, to High Street favourites like Zara and H&M.

The Student Shopping Festival is a great opportunity for students to enjoy discounts, competitions, live music and giveaways, it happens from 28 September every year to coincide with Fresher’s Week.

Canterbury city centre

2. Give in to Glutton 

The great thing about Canterbury is the number of small business operated restaurants. There is something to suit every budget from the higher end like Firepit at The Cave to affordable yet tasty,Chuck and Blade Burgers.

On campus, Woody’s located in Park Wood offers every type of American burger and ‘dog you can imagine – plus oozy loaded fries and much more. Sibson Café is one of my favourite places to grab a coffee, quick snack or lunch but I’d also give a shout to The Gulbenkian cafe where the menu has something for every appetite including all-day brekkies, pizzas, sandwiches, burgers and salads. 


3. Where the past meets the present 

Canterbury Cathedral is probably one of the most celebrated in the world. Open to the public, you can learn about the architecture and its role in significant historical events, such as the murder of Thomas Becket, the Archbishop from 1162 to 1170.  

The city centre is also home to the Westgate Towers Museum & Viewpoint, where you can explore the medieval gateway that was constructed during the 100 Years’ War to protect Canterbury from attacks.  

4. Drink, dance and experience new things!  

Who doesn’t like to let loose after a long week of study? The Venue located on central campus is the best place to vibe to your favourite songs, while socialising with friends and other students at the University of Kent. 

I love Kent Union’s NXT events nights where you can enjoy a variety of music genres from HipHop to Afrobeats. The Kent Union also hosts events throughout the academic year, such as ‘Give It A Go!’ for those wanting to try out a new hobby. 

The Templeman Library on the Canterbury campus

5. Books galore  

The Templeman Library is hands down one of the best places to be on campus. For my fellow introverts (or extroverts who just, you know, need some quiet), the study rooms are perfect for locking yourself away from distractions and focusing. I also love the group spaces for students who enjoy working collaboratively, so students can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Maxine Safo-Frimpong is working as a Student Experience Assistance at Kent Business School for her Year in Industry.

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