Blogger Laurice’s Top Tips to Make it Your own at Medway

by Laurice Bagasbas

An image of Laurice on the Medway campus

Business and Management student and blogger Laurice Bagasbas offers up her favourite past times at the Medway campus.

I was born in The Philippines and grew up in Dubai before moving to the UK to study. The Medway campus has been my second home for the past year. It has been exciting to immerse myself into the rich history of the area. Medway campus might be small, but it’s big in character and close-knit charm!   

Here’s some of my top tips for enjoying life while studying at Medway…

The Deep End

Dive in Deep with the Medway Music Society 

Medway’s Music Society is hosted at the Deep End: our on-campus student bar that used to be a swimming pool! Every Tuesday from 8 PM, students perform live, and depending on the theme, genres can vary. It’s a fantastic place to let your hair down and enjoy a few drinks and a dance. 

Get your caffeine fix (with student prices!)  

A friend let me into a little secret on campus recently – you walk up the stairs from Drill Hall Library, there’s a hidden gem tucked in the Pembroke building. Make your way to the end of the corridor, take a left, you’ll be able to find the entrance to Starbucks coffee – discounted at student price too! A perfect break in between classes. 

The Dockside Centre nearby is home to the famous Ninja warrior UK

Eat, drink, climb some large inflatables and be merry!  

Dockside Shopping Centre, a 20-minute walk away, is a frequent lunch spot for students with food outlets including Nandos, Pizza Hut and Subway as well as shops. There’s a street food area on the top floor of the centre that sells authentic Thai and Indian cuisine at fair prices. Full up? At Dockside you can catch a movie at Odeon or taking a group of friends for a competitive session in Ninja Warrior UK, the TV famous obstacle course.  

 The Quay to Tranquilly?  

When the weather allows it, it’s lovely to walk around the Pier Quays student accommodation. A few times, my flat mates and I dared to pull all-nighters and went to watch the sunrise over the docks. Calm and peaceful, the views of the river are tranquil. Now, I try to go at least twice a week for a morning jog.  

Medway’s quayside trails are perfect for running, walking and cycling.

Free and fun 

While the University’s impressive Drill Hall (the longest library in Europe!) is clearly a great place to study, the local libraries in the area offer some really useful free events and workshops, too. At the beginning of October Gillingham Public Library ran a workshop called ‘Circle of Six’, which covered six different women from history that have a connection to the district. I met local writers who shared stories that were fascinating and inspiring.  

Have a bubble! 

If you’re like me and you often find yourself craving bubble tea, a great new store just opened last month at the Gillingham high street. Bobaiocca Bubble Tea specializes in Tawainese freshly brewed beverages and is a busy stop for all boba lovers.  

Photo by Frank Zhang on Unsplash

Get physical  

If you play basketball, take note of this court. On the route to Lidl, take a left down Richmond Road (after the Nasir Mosque), pass Sunlight Centre and Burnt Oak Primary School, you’ll find a complex of red buildings – take a right from there and you should be able to find the basketball court, free to use. For your New Year’s Resolution, sign up for the gym (PureGym or truGym) near the Dockside Outlet with student discounts on memberships! 

Rochester castle

Check out chocolate box Rochester

You can hop on a bus or train or take the 40-minute walk to Rochester, an unspoilt tiny city with cathedral, castle endless historical links and cute independent cafes, restaurants and shops. The place oozes Dickensian charm and is mentioned in several of the author’s famous novels. Rochester often plays host to live music events and festivals.

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