Keep Calm and go Through Clearing! Tips for Landing a Last Minute Place

Feeling anxious about not quite getting what you hoped on results day? Or changed your mind about your course? Never fear – Clearing is here!

Tens of thousands of UK students go through this process each year and go on to be happy and successful in their chosen course.

Here, Head of Undergraduate Admissions for Kent Business School, Steve Robinson, offers up his top five tips for clearing success:

1. Don’t Panic!

Many thousands of students secure their places in Clearing every year and there is usually a great deal of choice.

2. Plan Ahead

Do your research in advance and have some alternative course options ready in case you need to use the Clearing system. Research possible courses in UCAS and the University webpages. Consider the programme, location, accommodation, facilities and student support.

3. Get Your Details Ready

Make sure you know your UCAS ID number, all your personal details and qualifications and a have a reliable mobile contact number and email address. Check these both regularly throughout the day.

4. Be Proactive on the Day

Don’t be shy, call up the relevant Clearing lines to make your application over the phone or apply online. Don’t delay or procrastinate. Check out University webpages for Clearing lists as these are updated frequently.

5. Be Flexible and Persevere

Consider alternative courses and different locations from your original applications. You may have to make a few enquiries or applications in Clearing before you secure the place that is right for you, so persist until you have found the right option.

Looking to apply to the University of Kent through Clearing? Click here.

Not sure which course to choose? Check out Kent Business School’s wide ranging Undergraduate options here.

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