‘How Applying Through Clearing Opened Up a New World for Me’

By Kent Union President, Zaid Mahmood

Zaid Mahmood is President of Kent Union. The Business and Management alum secured a place at KBS with the help of the clearing process. Here he recalls a tearful results day and the adventure that followed after gaining a place at Kent Business School…

“I have the clearing process to thank for where I am today.  I was originally going to study Biochemistry and then go on to do Medicine – I’d done Biology and Chemistry at A level but I’d also done Business.

But when it came to results day, I realised that sciences weren’t for me, and neither was Biochemistry. I wasn’t getting the best grades, because I wasn’t enjoying what I was learning. But with business, I was doing amazingly.  So I decided to look for Business and Management courses though Clearing.

Results day was a stressful day. I cried quite a lot and was on the phone for most of the day. I was on a train, on my way to look around another university, when I read about Kent and the business courses there. It was so interesting. I called my mother and she was very positive about Kent. She knew about it because we’d lived in Canterbury and she’d studied her Master’s there.

I applied online while I was on the train and got a call back five minutes later offering me a place. I didn’t even go to see the other university. I just got off the train and went back home. The Clearing process at Kent was one of the smoothest I experienced. Because I could apply online – I didn’t have to phone up, they phoned me. That was really lovely.

Preparing for life at Kent was easy. There was so much information available online and everyone was so helpful. I went to an applicant day at the Medway campus and fell in love with the architecture. I also had a tour of Liberty Quays accommodation [now called Pier Quays] and loved it.

“Amazing Experience”

I’ve since had an amazing experience on the course and have loved the way I’m taught. It’s helped me grow and develop the business intellect I aspire to have. My programme included a wide range of modules – the foundations of everything in business. It has been really interesting getting to know different areas. Every lecturer we had was an expert in their field – we had some of the best people teaching us. One of the best modules we had was on entrepreneurship, with Adam Smith. He’s an amazing lecturer and person, and makes you think for yourself.

I’m so proud of KBS because they have been so helpful and good at communicating. I was a student rep in the first year and I also became president of the Medway Business Society which, prior to Covid, ran free events.

I’ve found some of the best people that I’ve met in my life at Kent. True, genuine and authentic people who exude the same values as me. It feels like a diverse, multicultural and educated place with people from all walks of life.

Whatever is meant to be, is meant to be. Trust the process and take your time choosing the right university for you. Your path isn’t determined by this – you determine your own path.”

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