Dr Fredah Mwiti Awarded Grant for Exploring Food Insecurity in Europe

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Dr Fredah Gakii Mwiti, Lecturer in Marketing has received a 3i University Network grant for research collaboration alongside colleagues from the University of Lille (France) and the University of Ghent (Belgium).

Fredah and the team will focus research collaboratively on food insecurity and vulnerability in different urban and spatial parts of the Cross Channel Euroregion.

The group of academics have already delivered three interdisciplinary and international workshops in Ghent, Kent, and Lille.  The topics discussed revolved around potential solutions to the challenges faced by formal and informal organizations that address food insecurity and vulnerability.

Dr Fredah Mwiti

Fredah says: “The experience has enabled me to widen my networks across disciplines, institutions and internationally. I was able to share my research from a non-European context, but also learnt a lot from others’ research presentations and discussions. The site visits have been especially insightful, enabling me to observe the initiatives being carried out in different cities first-hand.  I also feel privileged to contribute in some way to the conversations around finding solutions to food insecurity.”

The partners continue pursing more funding opportunities for collaborative research and other collaborative activities. More ideas around future collaborations will be discussed during the final workshop in Ghent in September 2022.

Dr Fridah Mwiti is a Lecturer in Marketing with academic experience spanning over 20 years. Fredah has strong convictions regarding the role of academia (research and scholarship) in contributing positively to the broader issues in society and is a member of the PRME United Nations initiative, which seeks to advance United Nations principles within higher education.  

Photo by Aaron Doucett on Unsplash

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