ASPIRE Start Up Launches Collab with Lagos-based Photographer

Image of a belt featuring photographer's work

Politics and International Relations graduate Tobi Kolawole-Olutade who took part in the 2019-20 Business Start-Up Journey, has announced a new collaboration with Lagos-based photographer Chukwuka Nwobi and the ‘Silent Noise’ project.

Nigerian-born Tobi launched a sustainable fashion brand, Revival & Resurrection supported by ASPIRE as part of the Business Start Up Journey. The brand upcycles pieces from waste products including snack wrappers.

Her latest collection features imagery from Nwobi’s project, which aims to reflect on the lives of the people of Lagos.

“Rays of They serves as a collaborative West African documentary capsule,” says Tobi. “Showcasing the natural settings and livelihood of a local west African community, in their natural elements for appreciation of the beauty in their way of living.

“The collection sets out to challenge the western narrative of Africa through documented wearable art incorporating a merge between modern streetwear & traditional craftsmanship. It is definitely a collection for the people, by the people, about the people, to the people.”

For more information visit R&R’s website here.

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