Kings School Canterbury Net KBS Sponsored Award With Ocean-friendly Bags

Kent Business School hosted and sponsored the Young Enterprise Company of Year awards on 26 April 2022.

The Young Enterprise Company Programme empowers young people to set up and run a business under the guidance of an adult volunteer. The event, held at the award-winning Sibson Building, saw Kent based schools compete head-to-head by pitching their business to a panel of expert judges. The winning team go on to a place in the Southeast England awards later in the year.

KBS sponsored the following categories:

  • Sustainability
  • Marketing
  • Team Journey
  • Innovation
  • Best company overall

RUNNER UP: Resinverse from Rainham Mark Grammar

Personalised resin jewellery made from bio-based resin was the inventive idea from Rainham Mark Grammar. The product is both sustainable and renewable, non toxic and vegan. The team were commended particularly on their customer services plan.

WINNER: Off The Shore from Kings School Canterbury

Making bags from recycled fishing nets, Off The Shore salvage net from the ocean and sterilise it before cutting it into bag shapes. Their mission is to create a profitable business selling sustainable items whilst cleaning beaches, by repurposing discarded fishing nets.

Brendan Hamond, Outreach Officer at Kent Business School says: “The Company Programme is an unbelievable opportunity for youngsters. The businesses they launch are listed on Companies House, they have directors, they make profits. The schools involved showcased innovative ideas and products that will have a positive impact on the environment. All of those who took part should be commended for their creativity, business acumen and hard work.”

Young Enterprise works with young people, teachers, parents, businesses and influencers to help build a successful and sustainable future for all young people and society at large.

Interested in taking part in a future Company Programme? Find out more here.

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