Celebrating the Success of Kent Business School PhD Scholars

An inspiring list of successful postgraduate research scholars at KBS

Are you thinking about pursuing a PhD at Kent Business School? Get inspired by our outstanding doctoral scholars who have passed their vivas this academic year. Warmest congratulations to all!

We are incredibly proud of our doctoral scholars and have included the names of all those who have passed their vivas since September 2021 to commemorate their efforts. We’ve also included their thesis titles and supervisors names to inspire you if you’re thinking about taking your research skills to the next level.

  • Dr Omar Al-Bataineh | Thesis: Essays on Corporate finance and Social Capital: Dividend policy, capital structure, and Corporate risk-taking. | Supervised by Dr Abdullah Iqbal and Dr Timothy King.
  • Dr Charikleia Theodoraki | Thesis: Exploring the effects of economic crises on the investment behaviour of multinational enterprises: The case of the European Union. | Supervised by Dr Umair Choksy, Dr Carmen Stoian and Professor Fragkiskos Filippaios.
  • Dr Nayika Kamales | Thesis: The organizational logic of family: gender and management in a large organisation in Thailand. | Supervised by Professor Patricia Lewis and Dr Madeleine Wyatt.
  • Dr Maksym Koghut | Thesis: A Blockchain-based Inter-organisational Relationships: Social and Innovation Implications. | Supervised by Dr Omar Altabbaa, Professor Martin Meyer and Professor Soo Hee Lee. 
  • Dr Nuttakon Ounvorawong | Thesis: Brand Victimisation’: Investigating the Consequences of Being Bullied by Fellow Brand Followers in Online Brand Communities. | Supervised by Professor Benjamin Lowe,  Dr Jan Breitsohl and Dr Desmond Laffey.

With over 25 years of experience delivering business education, Kent Business Schools portfolio of postgraduate programmes demonstrates the breadth and depth of our expertise. We offer world-class business education enabling transformative learning experiences built around the School’s fundamental values of sustainable innovation and responsible management practice.

Kent Business School academics are ranked amongst the top 2% of most influential researchers in the world based on the report updated for 2021 by researchers at Stanford University. Furthermore, Kent Business School is among the top 1% of ‘triple crown’ business schools worldwide.

Explore our PhD courses on our website, learn more about our academics, and discover the Postgraduate Funding available to you at Kent. You may find our blog  ‘How to Apply for a PhD in the UK’ helpful if you’re thinking of applying.

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