Working Day: Sandra Dobos, Customer Cargo Coordination Specialist

Sandra Dobos studied BSc International Business at Kent Business School and graduated in 2019. The Slovakian national is now living in Stockholm, Sweden, where she works as a Customer Cargo Coordination Specialist at fcglobal shipping firm, Wallenius Wilhelmsen.  

I get up around 7.30am… 

Stretching is my first port of call. As a former ballroom dancer, I know how important it is to look after your body. Working from home, I can get quite stiff, so it helps. If it’s a warm summers day, I might go out on my balcony to do it, overlooking the city. 

I love the food in Sweden.. 

Breakfast is one of my favourite meals as there is such a variety out here of healthy foods like muesli. I usually have a big bowl with almond milk and a drink of water before I get ready to start the day. I refuse to check emails or look at my phone before 8.30am. 

Analysing data is really important within supply chain and logistics… 

Therefore, my first job is to open our software system where all the bookings are and ensure that we have everything ready to go. Our shipping vessels are enormous, so it is very detail-orientated and arduous. Every morning I wake up to so many potential issues with cargo, so interpreting the data properly is important, skills which I learned on my international business course at KBS!  

You have to think visually… 

Utilising the space on a vessel is paramount and failing in this area could cost my company huge amounts. It’s also vital in terms of sustainability goals that we aren’t overusing ships. Luckily, I love tech and can get my head around the systems easily. 


I always take an hour for lunch… 

In Sweden, we are encouraged to take breaks and look after ourselves. In my hour, I cook my lunch fresh and might enjoy it on the balcony and get some air, before getting back to work. 

Afternoons fly by.. 

This is the busiest time as it’s when we get a last-minute scramble to fill ships. I really thrive in this environment and adore the challenge! My communication skills really come into play here, as it requires a lot of back and forth with various stakeholders to ensure we fill any gaps and iron out issues. I am a people person, which helps. 

Shipping has been highly pressured lately… 

Covid has hit the industry in many ways, but the issues with the Suez Canal earlier this year have caused a backlog of problems, which can be challenging.  That said, I always log off for the day at 5pm feeling satisfied I have solved problems adequately. 

Stockholm is strange in Winter… 

It’s dark almost all day, so I have to really stop myself getting ready for bed at 6pm! I try to exercise in the evenings, usually a workout in my living room and then my partner and I cook together – we’re mostly vegetarian and like to cook healthy meals with plenty of veg. We sometimes have friends over or watch a film and usually go to bed at around 10 to 11pm. 

I can imagine staying in Stockholm.. 

It has a fantastic culture both inside and out of work and it’s such a beautiful city in so many ways. I feel valued as an employee and receive suitable benefits like good annual leave and the option to finish at 4pm in the summer months. I love working in supply chain and think it’s an interesting industry and one that anyone studying business should consider. 

Sandra studied a BSc International Business and graduated in 2019.

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