Dune’s Daniel Rubin: “I Appreciate the Thoroughness of My’s Research”

A picture of My at the Business School

My Trần, who has just finished a Master’s in Logistics and Supply Chain Management took part in an In Company Scheme with footwear and accessories group Dune in May 2021 for her final dissertation project.

My says: “I am from Vietnam, and it had always been an inspiration for me to study in the UK. Through an undergrad in Business back home, I had a strong interest in logistics and supply chain and a desire to work with data.

Whilst studying my Master’s I really enjoyed the simulation modelling aspect of the course and was keen to apply my expertise to real data. Simulation modelling is the process of creating and analysing a digital prototype of a physical model to predict its performance in the real world.

With the help of Rebecca Smith and ASPIRE I secured a video call consultation with footwear and accessories group, Dune to see if they might be able to take me on board for research that I could carry out for my dissertation.

On the call, myself, and my academic supervisors Dr Kathy Kotiadis and Dr Virginia Spiegler discussed project ideas and ways in which I could use my logistics expertise to help Dune. They agreed to an In Company Scheme for three months, which I started in May.

Using the skills built through my studies in quantitative modelling, I decided to apply this to the real problem of reverse logistics at Dune. I was to use qualitative research to explore the environmental processes other businesses had on offer and areas in which Dune were achieving well and those that needed to improve to meet sustainability goals.

Any first day nerves were shaken off as the team were so welcoming. I met the Head of Logistics at the warehouse in Leicester and he gave me the confidence to move forward with the task.

When I presented the simulation modelling findings to Dune, they were very happy. The research was concise, clear and they could see patterns and it gave them a clear directive of what they need to do going forward. I have now finished my Master’s and am looking for employment in the UK in a similar role.”

‘Intellectual rigour’

Kent Business School’s Dr Kathy Kotiadis says: “It was an absolute pleasure to supervise such a hardworking student like My and support her in her engagement with Dune, who have been fantastic collaborators on this study. We have certainly learnt a lot about this industry and this in turn is informing our research”.

CEO of Dune, Daniel Rubin, says: “I appreciate the thoroughness of the research and the intellectual rigour that has gone into it. It is a very full and well-presented paper on a subject that is becoming more and more important as online sales continue to grow.

“The [findings] very much align with our own plans. Some of her findings, especially in relation to educating customers in understanding the implications on the environment of returning product, are insightful and valuable and we will be considering them for the future.”

 In-Company schemes offers the opportunity to bring new expertise into existing organisations through a short-term project, delivered by one of our high-calibre MSc students specially selected to meet the needs of the enterprise in question.

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