Global Entrepreneurship Week

To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week Business Start-Up Journey went “out out” heading off campus with students to explore the potential to start new businesses in Canterbury.

On Wednesday 10 November, a special edition of Business Start-Up Journey workshop took place at the Fruitworks co-working space based in Canterbury city centre.

On an arrival students enjoyed speciality coffee served on site and after a briefing on some essential information on the city, went into Canterbury to look for a business ideas in the real world. Students were on a hunt for unique opportunities the historic city has to offer. They did market research, spoke to residents, visitors and shoppers to try to identify what’s missing or can be improved in Canterbury.

After the research, the students headed back to Fruitworks to develop their ideas in interactive workshop led by ASPIRE Project Officer, Artur Slowinski, where they put their business idea through a though test using Agile development techniques. Students had a comprehensive debate about their research and shared their thoughts of what Canterbury has to offer. Then, they wrote a problem statement and learnt how to test if their business ideas respond to the problem.

The workshop wrapped up with students a drawing a whole journey on a flip chart and presenting it to others. Ideas included a virtual leisure centre, cultural hub sharing Canterbury’s unique past and drone advertising.

As usual with Business Start-Up Journey there were a lot of ideas, posted notes, fun and snacks!

ASPIRE, the Accelerator Space for Innovation and Responsible Enterprise, helps current students from any course to launch their own business ideas on the side or through a SELFIE year.
The 15-week Business Start-Up Journey is an inspirational programme that brings student business start-up ideas to life.

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