Dr Hirbod Assa to Discuss the Impact of Machine Learning on Finance World

A picture of Hirbod Assa

Dr Hirbod Assa, Senior Lecturer in Finance and Fintech at Kent Business School, will deliver a free virtual talk on the changing paradigms of the financial world and its global impact on Sunday 28 November (3pm GMT). In this talk, Dr Assa will share his expert insights into the growing influence of machine learning in finance, banking and insurance, revealing how this will lead to greater worldwide development for professionals and consumers.

New technologies and new quantitative analysis methods have changed the financial world. Machine learning has been significantly influential in changing views of data and how it can be used in finance.  Created as part of the MENA AI and Data Science webinar series, the talk is the first of the event which will focus on recent advances in AI and data science and their applications, presented by a range of world-class scientists.

The event is organised by software and data science company PhazeRo and is supported by the AMENA Center for Entrepreneurship and Development at the University of California Berkeley.

Dr Assa said: ’Thanks to new technologies, which made smartphones available to almost everybody all around the world, the paradigms of the financial industry are changing. This webinar will reveal the latest from the revolution of financial technologies and the role of Artificial Intelligence in forming it.’

To register for the event, please click here: https://lnkd.in/g-MwBTbT

Hirbod Assa, Senior Lecturer in Finance and Fintech covers research including Fintech, Insuretech, Machine learning and Risk Management. Hirbod has developed theories in Pricing, Hedging, Optimal Contract Design, Agricultural Finance and Machine Learning in the field of quantitative finance. He is also a member of the advisory board of the Agricultural Finance Review.

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