Erasmus+ Programme: The JEUL Project

Strengthening cooperation between European and Asian Universities: Kent Business School actively engaged in the Joint Enterprise University Learning (JEUL) Project to reinforce industry; a university collaboration.

Professor Desmond Doran of Kent Business School is a proactive member of the JEUL project, aimed at reinforcing links and collaboration between universities and industry/private sector across the whole chain of joint curriculum development, joint teaching and research and placement. JEUL is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme under the strand of Capacity Building in Higher Education. The project brings together partners from Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, UK, China and Vietnam and Belgium.

While travel restrictions have negatively affected the mobility and exchange visits for the staff of universities, the strong cohesion among partners allowed the project to continue in “virtual mode”. Recently the partners met for a two-day session on how to advance implementation of the project and plan activities moving forward.

With one more year until project completion, partner universities are brokering Memoranda of Understanding with the private sector and reinforcing the capacity of their placement offices to facilitate the transition of students from the world of education to the world of work.

For Kent Business School, Professor Desmond Doran manages to key work packages of the project – Quality Assurance and Case Study Development.


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