Introducing Roshini: Our KBS Student Social Media Officer in Medway

Hello! My name is Roshini and I am a Business and Management Student in my third year of University. I have eagerly taken on the role of Student Social Media Assistant at Kent Business School, as I plan to have a career in the Marketing Industry after I graduate.

Describe your new role

As the Social Media Assistant for Medway I will be focusing on increasing the engagement for Kent Business School’s various social media platforms. My role will aim to inform, educate and entertain current and future students who are interested in the day-to-day activities at KBS.

What is the best thing about working at Kent Business School?

The best thing about working at Kent Business School is the freedom to be expressive and creative. Kent Business School keeps up with the latest social media platforms and trends and are open to innovative marketing ideas. This allows me to have unlimited creativity when creating concepts for marketing projects which has the potential to appeal to future and current students.

How can students contact you?

I am happy to be contacted through my email to help you with any enquiries.

What are you looking to achieve from your internship?

To help with my future career path in Marketing I hope to gain experience and learn different areas of marketing such as content creation. I also hope to better my understanding of target audiences and their preferences regarding social media, whilst expand my skillset and adapting my knowledge for future projects.

What do you hope to do after you complete your internship?

After I complete my internship and graduate, I hope to join the Marketing Industry and bring a fresh perspective on content creation on various leading platforms. In the next five years I would potentially like to use my skillset, experience and business acumen to create a successful marketing firm that caters to leading organisation’s marketing needs and desires.

How else can students get to know you better?

You can also listen to my Spotify playlist on Kent Business School’s Spotify to get to know me a bit more about me and follow us on our KBS TikTok! 


Students are welcome to contact Roshini for advice and guidance via email at

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