A Successful Start for the Kent Business School Outreach Programme

Kent Business Schools’ Outreach Programme has had a busy start in recent months with several activities being delivered to a range of high school students across Kent & Medway.  These have ranged from virtual masterclass sessions to first year students in Canterbury College to face-to-face sessions with Year 10 Business Studies students at Brompton Academy in Medway.

Feedback from the schools and colleges who opened their doors to our Outreach department has been positive and has highlighted how this work has enriched the students’ educational experiences, particularly during the challenging times of a global pandemic.

One school said: ‘Lots of pupils found it very rewarding and exciting’ while another called the outreach programmes ‘valuable and very informative.’ Several establishments highlighted how helpful it was to have an Admissions Officer at hand during sessions.

Outreach Officer, Brendan Hammond says: “Playing a major role in igniting the Outreach work for Kent Business School has been a very exciting and rewarding experience so far.  I have had the pleasure to work with and get to know a range of KBS Students Ambassadors, Academic and Professional Service colleagues to create and deliver some engaging and interesting activities. There is so much experience, passion and potential across the division to help keep growing our Outreach offer over the next academic year, to which I am really looking forward to”.

Our Outreach Department aims to provide students with the opportunity to experience what studying business in higher education is like and to meet academics and supporting student ambassadors.  For more information, email Brendan at b.hammond@kent.ac.uk.  

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