The Institute of Directors: The Wicked Problem of Doing Business in a Pandemic Event

Be the first to join the Institute of Directors new series of CPD sessions on Wicked Problems for Directors free for all students.

‘Wicked problems’ are very difficult or impossible to resolve, where there are no good solutions or where solutions lead to other difficult problems.

The first session will discuss the wicked problem of doing business in a pandemic.

The Covid pandemic has presented most organisations with a plethora of challenges, where solutions may not be obvious, can be conflicting or create further problems. For example, how can a company manage the crisis, furlough staff, engage their people, manage cash flow, create prudent budget forecasts, adapt their strategy and business model, all in the midst of such uncertainty?

Directors are at the forefront of battling with these challenges. So how should directors deal with a wicked problem like Covid and what can they learn from the experience to help them make better decisions in the future?

Join IoD Ambassadors Professor Patricia Lewis and Norman Blissett as they talk to IoD South Chair and Chairman of Zabardast, Faisal Khan, and Professor Yannis Georgellis from Kent Business School about the wicked problem of doing business in a pandemic.


Event Details

Date: 21 April 2021
Time: 12.30 – 13.30
Location: Online webinar, Online
Price: Free


Kent Business School’s Professor of Management, Yannis Georgellis will be a guest speaker at the event. Professor Georgellis is known for his work on happiness, adaptation, and employee well-being. Spanning across several disciplines, his research explores psychological aspects of decision-making processes within the general context of employee happiness, well-being, and engagement, and their impact on organisational performance.


The event is free and open to all.
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