Student Blog: Making Firm Decisions in Times of Uncertainty

by Elizabeth Black

Elizabeth Black, KBS’s brand new resident blogger, is a third year student studying a BSc in Management at Kent Business School. In her second blog instalment she looks at the uncertainty experienced during the pandemic and how to decide on your future in this unprecedented time…

Regardless of being stuck in a pandemic, we will all face difficulty in making choices during uncertain times. There is no one correct way to make a decision, especially when facing the pressure of uncertainty, yet there are ways to tackle this to get the best possible outcome to come out of the other side knowing you did your best.

Wellbeing and mental health = rational decisions

Mental health acts as the foundation of approaching rational decision-making and well-being, so it is paramount that you take a step back and evaluate the situation you are dealing with, if you start to feel uneasy. This is far easier said than done, although practise and asking for help will aid your evaluation of risk and uncertainty.

Never make an important decision at a time when your emotions are bubbling high. Take a breath, step away, take a few days even if you need to and approach the decision when your mind feels calm, balanced and rational.

Where are you now and where do you want to be?

Think about the possible outcomes of your decision. Could this make me a better person? What skills and experience can I gain from this? How could this change help me? Will it make me happy?

Think about where you are now and where you want to be. Asking yourself such questions depends on your goals; maybe you want to think about how you could improve in assignments, or ways to make yourself more employable for graduate roles. Perhaps you are weighing up embarking on a course of study that will take your life in a different direction. Writing down the pros and cons of a decision is always a good place to start and will help to build a clearer picture in your mind of what you really want.

Embrace Uncertainty!

Ultimately, by assessing the outcomes and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, you can open yourself up to more opportunities and gain confidence. It is likely there will times when the results aren’t quite what you wanted, yet the fun of the journey is learning from and embracing it!

Elizabeth is Kent Business School’s student blogger, she is studying an BSc in Management. Read her previous blog post here.

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