KBS’s Danielle Marsh and family take to the stage for BBC One’s Comic Relief

KBS’s resident internet star, Danielle Marsh, Research Programmes Coordinator in Education & Student Experience, is taking her rising fame to dizzy heights.

On Friday 19 March 2021, she is appearing live on BBC One for Comic Relief with husband Dr Ben Marsh, lecturer in History at The University of Kent and children Alfie, Thomas, Ella, and Tess.

The Marsh family took the internet by storm during the Covid-19 pandemic with their collective renditions of musical parodies – including Totally Fixed Where We Are and Get The New Jab. The songs seemed to resonate with families struggling in a pandemic all over the world and the harmonies of the relatives were shared internationally, millions of times.

They will appear live on stage in their pyjamas alongside superstars Justin Bieber, Rag N’ Bone Man and Gabrielle.


Danielle spoke to us moments before they made their journey to the BBC studios, in Elstree, for the rehearsals.

She said: “Since the BBC contacted us back in February, we’ve been waiting for the call to say they’ve made a terrible mistake, we just couldn’t believe it was true! The request has been the first time we’ve had validation that we are actually quite famous now.

“Our videos went viral but once you put down your phone or laptop, we were back to just a normal family, doing normal things. Appearing live on TV is just surreal.”

The family were able to keep their children at home for the last few weeks so to ensure there was not any isolation periods that meant their children would have to miss the Comic Relief performance. Danielle maintains the children are more excited about the car journey ‘car snacks’ and getting out of the house than meeting famous singers.

“All of our experiences, from our online fame to this performance, have driven us through lockdown,” she explained.

“Lockdown for many has been memorable for being frustrating, difficult and mundane, it has been all those things for us too, but raising money for a good cause by doing what we love has given us a reason to remember it in a good way.”

All of the proceeds from family’s recordings are going to Comic Relief. You can donate to their Just Giving page here.

This year’s Comic Relief will be aired on BBC One from 7pm on Friday 19th March.



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