Satomi Tsujita

MBA 2020, Japan

“If it’s a good idea, go ahead and do it. It is much easier to apologise than it is to get permission.” – Grace Hooper

I have always worked for other businesses in the area of programming and management of web applications in Japan.

I now aim, with the help of my partners, to launch my own services using blockchain technology. The Kent MBA is going to give me all the guidance, knowledge, expertise and contacts to do it successfully.

Outside of work, I am interested in playing piano and listening to music.


  • Being a core member of the Linux Foundation, Japan’s Hyperledger Fabric documentation translation team, which contributes to OSS technology.

What attracted you to the Kent MBA programme and why?

I discovered the programme at a study abroad fair in Japan. The staff from Kent were supportive and helpful about studying abroad and I found that the Kent MBA has a variety of challenging programmes and events.

The Kent MBA has campuses in the UK and France which will make programmes and classes diverse and could provide many connections to other European countries.

Also, the Canterbury campus looks very beautiful and a good environment for studying.

What were your motivations for undertaking an MBA?

When I programme applications, I feel the necessity to understand users, society and business needs. Through an MBA, I think I can acquire a comprehensive view of projects/business and relevant players.


I want to gain all the skills and experience needed to launch my new project smoothly with my partners.


Do not fear failure. Focus on something completely and success will come to you.

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