Francis Anabs

MBA 2020, Nigeria

“Work hard in silence and let success make the noise” – Dr David Oyedepo

My career started at school in 2008, just after the collection of my National Diploma program in Nigeria. At first, I was given leadership roles as a customer relations officer, personal assistant to the Executive Chairman and sales representative in general goods, oil, gas and energy sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Thereafter, I rose to the rank of an Executive Director, responsible for the  strategic direction and supervision of all operations of the company across the various branches.


  • Certified Management Institute, United Kingdom
  • Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered), Graduate Member
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Management
  • Certificate in Project Management

Why the Kent MBA?

The University of Kent is rated among the top 100 in the world, with world class faculties and a quality management program.

Your motivation for undertaking an MBA?

I was excited by the modules focusing on management and project management, information technology, marketing and sales. I also wish to acquire advance management training that will make me stand out.


I hope to develop my career and grow in strength to make innovative decisions that will lead to growth in the business profile of my company.


Procrastination is always the mother of failure and frustration.

Stick to your vision no matter the storm, a good vision does not always seem right at the beginning. It is always justified at the end.

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