Injurymap Reviewed One Year on After Free Membership Offered

Academics from Kent Business School have partnered with a Danish start-up to assess users’ perceptions towards the Injurymap physiotherapy app.

Professor Ben Lowe and Dr Des Laffey used the generous funding of the EU Interreg scheme to carry out the research in a partnership with Injurymap.

Injurymap provided free access for 12 months to the app to staff and students from University of Kent to allow people to see the benefits of the app and if it worked for them without any worry about cost. Help and feedback also came from Kent Sport, who made their users aware of Injurymap and also offered invaluable guidance to the research team.

The project was a great success.  A final survey conducted among all of the app’s users found the app helped to manage their injuries, and the app was perceived to be high in levels of engagement, functionality, aesthetics and information value.

Injurymap user Alyson Hunt commented “the app really helps develop a regular stretching routine that fits with day-to-day life and keeps aches and pains at bay as well as rehabilitating longer term injuries. I found the app easy to use and particularly liked the reminder function to keep me on track with my recovery

Injurymap gained unique insights into their user base provided by the Kent experts.

Ulrik Borch co-founder of Injurymap commented “The research has given us extremely well-founded insights into how our users perceive the app. Also, it has shed a light on how to further increase the value of Injurymap. For example, we have learnt that there is a substantial share of users who would like to continue use the exercises beyond the recovery phase, in order to prevent a relapse.

The Kent academics enjoyed the experience of seeing how their knowledge can be applied to practice.

Professor Lowe and Dr Laffey commented “We enjoyed researching the hugely important area of health apps which will stimulate further research and also provide insights for our teaching on the BSc Marketing and MSc Marketing degrees.  We learnt a lot from Injurymap, both in terms of seeing a dynamic start-up and also the area of health apps


For further comments contact co-founder and CEO of Injurymap Ulrik Borch at or +45 222 41 222

Or contact Professor Ben Lowe or Dr Des Laffey to discuss how their research can help to benefit your business.

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