Revival & Resurrection Unveils Its Debut Collection

The Evocation Accessories Collection calls for positive action to aid waste reduction in Lagos, Nigeria.

Politics and International Relations student Tobi Kolawole-Olutade who took part in the 2019-20 Business Start-Up Journey is launching her sustainable fashion brand, Revival & Resurrection.

This July, Nigerian born sustainable fashion brand, Revival & Resurrection makes its debut onto the fashion scene with the launch of its Evocation Accessories collection.

The release of the Evocation Collection – its first accessories collection – marks the start of the brands social initiative aimed at positively tackling and preventing the rise in solid waste and the issues pertaining to this, in Nigeria, specifically in Lagos State, which is currently the largest producer of solid waste in the country.

With the belief that the future of fashion is regenerative, R&R Collective designs stylish upcycled pieces from waste in a bid to maintain ecological sustainability and integrity. Regenerative, in fashion, refers to the contribution and changes in the fashion industry, with the desire to recycle and use more sustainable fibres and materials in production. With this in mind, the Evocation Collection calls for residents of Lagos and Nigeria, as a whole, to take positive action in reducing their consumption and thus, waste.

R&R Collective is focused on enhancing sustainable practices in the personal climate of Lagos State residents, through regenerative and innovative design methods such as upcycling. The brand aims to inspire and push individuals to collectively tackle the solid waste problems in Lagos, through the provision of a new sustainable waste disposal channel, giving it a longer life cycle. This is done via creative utilisation of produced solid waste –  the first step being with food packaging, as this is the most common type of waste we discovered in the country.

A secondary social goal of this collection launch is to enhance cultural conversations through food culture, which will further spread educational cultural awareness globally, by evoking food memories in individuals. Increasing cultural awareness gives insight into differences in cultures, and that such differences should be cherished, respected and celebrated.

CEO and Head Designer of Revival & Resurrection, Tobi Kolawole-Olutade commented on this:

“The idea came to me during my year abroad in Finland, where I studied Cultural Conversations and learnt much about the Finnish culture and language through the exploration of its traditional cuisine, snacks and sweets. This got me thinking about the differences in the cultures of the world, which gave me a deeper appreciation and most importantly, respect for the Finnish way of living, as well as, other cultures.”

As R&R Collective continues to grow, the brand hopes to find more innovative ways to tackle and prevent the quantity of solid waste across Nigeria.

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