Professor Papadopoulos Co-organises a Special Issue in the Technological Forecasting and Social Change Journal

Thanos Papadopoulos is co-organising a Special Issue (SI) in the CABS3 journal ‘Technological Forecasting and Social Change’.

The title of the Special Issue is: ‘Big data-driven for the circular economy: large-scale group decision making under fuzzy environment’

The SI aims to shift the focus of research on the circular economy on the application of big data for using Large Scale Group Decision Making (LSGDM) methods. The circular economy requires integrating life cycle thinking in product design and following life cycle stages in order to enable efficient recycling, recovery, repair, and re-use of products. In the context of the circular economy, LSGDM methods could provide potential means for prioritising policy options and alternative implementation routes, which take into account the views of various stakeholders affected by the policies and who are in a key position to advance the circular economy.

The use of LSGDM methods in the context of circular economy studies is still rare, even though the amount of literature discussing the circular economy is growing rapidly. Therefore, in this special issue, an attempt is being carried out to present the state of the art of application of LSGDM methods for big data in the circular economy.

Deadline for submission is 15 December 2020.

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