Professor Papadopoulos Co-organises a Special Issue in the International Journal of Production Research

Professor Thanos Papadopoulos is co-organising a Special Issue (SI) in the CABS3 journal ‘International Journal of Production Research’.

The title of the Special Issue is: ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Sharing in Manufacturing, Production and Operations Management Research’

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used as an umbrella term referring to the digital technologies performing activities, tasks and decisions normally performed by human intelligence. Recently, the use of AI techniques has been brought to the forefront of attention due to the wide range of organisational operations that could be transformed through multidisciplinary AI approaches based on data sharing, gathering and analytics.

However, scaling up AI usage could have some significant bottlenecks, such as misuse of AI algorithms, privacy breach and data accessibility. The use of AI, just like other technological developments, comes with its own challenges and risks in a commercial environment that can lead it to being misused. This can result in user distrust and raise privacy and ethical concerns. The special issue aims to promote the research around the area of AI and data sharing in manufacturing, production and operations research.

Paper submission deadline: 28 September 2020.

For more information visit the International Journal of Production Research website

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