KBS Professors Win Funding from the UK Research and Innovation

Professors Jeremy Howells, George Chryssochoidis and Ben Lowe from Kent Business School (KBS) have won £930,000 from the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) over five years as part of a wider research consortium to support businesses in the food and horticulture sector.

The Growing Kent & Medway consortium will deliver an inclusive and innovation-led growth cluster that will focus on developing the region’s advanced horticulture and food and drink processing and packaging industries through innovation and growth activities.

KBS’s research and innovation package will aim to stimulate economic growth in food and horticulture by developing the role of user innovation, consumption and supply chain efficiencies in the sector to promote research activity and the commercialisation of innovation; and improve links between businesses, researchers and skills providers within the innovation ecosystem.

KBS will form part of the University of Kent’s contribution to the research with Biosciences and Economics in the wider consortium led by National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB EMR) based in West Malling, Kent.

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