5th Edition of Market Research Book Written by Professor Lowe and Colleagues Has Been Published by Cengage

Marketing Research, now in its fifth edition, has been published by Cengage and will soon be available in the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and the Asia-Pacific.

The book continues to reflect the importance of social media, ‘big data’, neuromarketing and the use of online technology in qualitative and quantitative data collection. Practical examples of market and social research, and what students can learn from the advantages and disadvantages of each research approach when they are applied in real life (real-world snapshots) are examined.

This edition of Marketing Research provides tips for conducting research and doing flowcharts and offers improved and more detailed worksheets that will greatly facilitate the understanding and application of market research techniques by the student and practitioner.

Authors have worked diligently and carefully to make this edition a book that reflects the fast-paced and dynamic practice of marketing research. They said, “We have retained our central approach of making the subject interesting and entertaining for the student. This, we believe, is consistent with the style and learning approach of the original author, Professor William G. Zikmund. “

“Market research, we argue, can be the most fascinating subject for the student, as it is regularly applied in diverse fields such as health, politics, social marketing, media and law. Therefore, we have continued to include a wider set of examples that reflect this throughout the text.”

For more information on the Marketing Research book please visit the Cengage website

Preview a sample of Chapter One in the Kent Academic Repository

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