Studying in Self-Isolation

Not being in lectures, in the library or with your study pals is going to be weird. We are all adapting and working out this temporary way of life day by day. To try and help we have put together our 5 top tips for effective studying in self-isolation.


Studying in isolation might feel a bit like revising without the late-night library trips.

Work out your schedule for the day or week, make note of the work you need to do, find out when you have online seminars or lectures and add in plenty of regular breaks.

The setup

Working on the couch or in bed might sound like the one, but let’s be real, we will all end up with bad backs if we do that. Set out a little desk area with drinks and snacks, find the right chair and share your home office with us on Instagram using #UniKentHomeWorking.

Power through

We have plenty of spare time hanging around these days, so try to be that responsible student and leave your phone out of reach for a bit or turn off the TV for an hour so you can smash out some work. Remember, it’s always there for you in your breaks.

Stretch your legs

Sitting down all day working has never been good for anyone. Make sure you get up every so often and have a stretch or short walk whether that be around your room, balcony or bedroom. If you do go out for a walk, make sure you only go with members of your household and keep a two-metre distance from others.

Zone out

You might be in a house with noisy housemates or maybe your family are off work or school. Create a playlist, put your headphones in and zone out or try out the University of Kent’s playlists on Spotify.


For the University of Kent’s updates on Covid-19 please visit the website or visit the NHS website.

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