KBS Students Gain Leadership Skills During an Inspiring Weekend Workshop

Students from Kent Business School took part in the Paul Dyer Development Programme across the weekend of Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 March in the Sibson building, on the Canterbury campus.

Students from Kent Business School’s (KBS) Stage 1 cohort took part in two days of interactive challenges designed to develop their personal leadership skills and team working. Through a series of practical challenges and reflective assignments, they gained a greater understanding of their self-motivation and learning styles.

This self-awareness leads to the ability to more effectively influence and work with others through developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) which is one of the key skills identified in successful management and leadership.

Areas covered over the weekend by trainer Robin Lawrence included building self-awareness of personal projection, behaviour under time pressure, effective communication and exercises to develop planning and development of creative skills. Robin has been coaching professionally since 2004 and works with individuals and teams on leadership and personal development across both the private and public sectors.

All Stage 1 KBS students take a module to help develop their leadership and team working potential. This weekend offered the opportunity for some of those students to enhance those skills further. In addition, those who successfully completed the programme also received a certificate to include on their CV.

The weekend was funded through a philanthropic donation by Paul Dyer.

The Paul Dyer Development Programme aims to help those students who on the evidence of academic performance to date are failing to meet their predicted potential by:

  • bolstering their confidence
  • improving personal skills
  • developing essential employability skills
  • improving working in a team
  • achieving their leadership potential

The emphasis is on ‘learning by doing’, encouraging reflective self-assessment on the student’s personal journey, build networked relationships to enhance cooperation whilst being actively removed from their usual environment to further push preparation for the working world.

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