Students Participate in Escape Plan LIVE as Part of Their Module

Kent Business School (KBS) MSc students participated in a trip to Escape Plan LIVE as part of their module.

Students from the MSc programmes, MSc Digital Marketing and Analytics and MSc Management participated in a trip to Escape Plan LIVE. The trip was part of their module Professional Skills and Employability Development with Gemma Witts, Lecturer in Careers and Employability at KBS in Medway.

Students were observed whilst undertaking the activity, encouraged to reflect and provided with feedback. Assessment centre like activities are used by a number of key graduate recruiters in their recruitment processes.

The trip was a fantastic way to enhance students’ team working, critical thinking, communication and inter-cultural skills! The students thoroughly enjoyed the day and also commented on what they had learnt from this interactive experience.

“The game has enhanced my perspective on teamwork and building. There were definitely take away points from the game that I could improve upon.”

“The escape room helped me understand my characteristics under pressure”

“The experience was effective to help me see some of my strengths and weakness.”

For further information on the programmes please visit our website or contact the corresponding programme director.

MSc Digital Marketing and Analytics or contact Dr Anabel Gutierrez Mendoza

MSc Management or contact Dr Joseph Amankwah-Amoah

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