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Kent Business School (KBS) is pleased to be able to offer an optional one week online refresher quantitative skills workshop in Mathematics, Statistics and Excel, before the start of your main MSc programme in the autumn. The workshop is offered at no extra tuition cost; however, students will need to make their own accommodation arrangements and students must register to attend via the online booking form.

Course Details

The workshop will refresh your knowledge of the quantitative concepts and techniques needed for your Master’s studies. It is organised as a series of short lectures and practical workshops, and you will have the opportunity to go through a series of theoretical and practical exercises with staff from the School. There will be no assessment at the end of the course.

Eligible programmes


Week 1: Mathematics

The mathematics part will be taught in the first week during the morning sessions and provides a review of the essential skills that provide background for the mathematics needed in finance. The syllabus includes algebra review, calculus, series, matrices, and numerical methods.


Week 1: Statistics

The statistics part of the course will be taught in the first week during the afternoon sessions and is an introduction to statistics covering basic probability and inference. The syllabus includes measures of summarising data, probability, discrete and continuous distributions, special distributions, hypothesis testing and confidence intervals, estimation, and simple regression.

Week 1: Excel

The Excel part of the course will be taught in the second week and is as an introduction to Excel covering basic material. The syllabus includes Excel basics and producing professional spreadsheets.


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