My Study Abroad Placement: Domitille Pons

My name is Domitille Pons and I’m originally from France. I’m in my third year of studying International Business with Spanish with Kent Business School. 

Studying at KBS

I come from Paris and therefore wanted to discover a new environment and go out of my comfort zone. I also wanted to be in an English-teaching university because it is a different way of teaching that suits me more. I feel that the way of teaching is flexible, well-organised and very clear. The staff give you all the tips and keys to success (readings, advice etc). It is up to you if you want to follow their guidelines or not. Teachers are available for their students if they have any questions regarding assignments. There are a lot of team-working so it is quite motivating and also your work in a good environment, the facilities are very modern and you feel good when working there. The support from teachers is very good and they are available for you within their office hours and their guidelines are clear.

My year abroad

I’m currently at IE Business school, Madrid, Spain on my year abroad. I am undertaking a BBA with Spanish in IE Business school which is the most international school in Spain in terms of students and teaching because all the classes are taught in English. This university is quite different from Kent and there are 40 people per class so it reminds me of high school. You are more supervised than in a regular university. The year abroad so far has taught me to be more patient because I had to re-adjust to a new routine with Spanish speakers around me.


Madrid is an amazing city full of surprises. There are so many things to do, so many restaurants, parks, clubs. You cannot be bored!


The biggest challenge had been to leave Kent where all my best friends are and start a new year without them by my side. In Kent you live like in a bubble because you’ve built a routine during two years, also, Canterbury is a small city so when you move out to capital it can be a shock at the beginning because everything moves so quickly and it is so different from ‘home’. It has been three months that I am in Madrid so I feel good in my new environment abroad and I am very happy to live there for a year. It a very good opportunity.


The expectations of my year abroad so far have been met. IE Business school is a well-reputed university and Madrid is such a welcoming city. Going abroad is a personal challenge, and risk-taking because you discover a new culture and it represents an amazing opportunity that is highly valued by the companies becoming more international. The job market needs people with experiences, flexibility, adaptability and people who are keen about challenges so I think it will enhance my career prospects.


I really recommend this experience to any student because this is such a good life experience that will enrich yourself. Going on a year abroad will open up so many perspectives that you didn’t think about before. It is obviously scary but any student deserves to live this ‘Erasmus experience’.

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