Jason Finkelstein

MBA 2020, United States

“You miss 100 shots you don’t take” Wayne Gretzky

I started my professional journey as a Personal Wealth Manager. After a year, I transitioned into the Internet/Tech Sales industry working my way up to Mid-Market Account Executive.

I am extremely interesed in Finance, Leadership, Management, and the Operations side of businesses. My career goals are to either be in business for myself (Finance or Real-Estate) or be a senior-leader in an innovative company.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, and doing my best to stay in shape. Exploring new restaurants andpPubs is also a big hobby of mine, I love to eat and sample the latest beer or Scotch!.


  • Earning my Series 7 & 66 licenses on my first attempt to become a fully licensed Wealth Manager.
  • Hitting my sales-quota 16/18 months in my two entry-level sales roles at Glassdoor (118% total) and being promoted to an Account Executive ahead of schedule.
  • As an Account Executive at Glassdoor and in my last quarter, successfully pitching and selling two “Proof-of Concept” deals, which turned into $50k of total revenue.

What attracted you to the Kent MBA programme and why?

After researching the program, the KBS, and the prestige that comes with a degree from here, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try and study in this programme.

I had visited the University of Kent campus previously and fell in love with the campus and the town of Canterbury. Kent Business School.

As a born & raised American, the opportunity to study abroad (which I never did in undergrad) was also very appealing.

What were your motivations for undertaking an MBA?

The need to continue learning and challenging myself mentally. Not being satisfied with my level of knowledge & skills in the wider scheme of business. I want to learn more and have a deeper understanding of how to manage finances, operations, leadership, management, supply-chain, etc – to ultimately be more than just a sales-person for my career.


I want to have the opportunity to be a senior leader, to be an entrepreneur or start my own real-estate business. I want to learn and gain as much as expertise from unique minds from across the world.


Never stop learning. Don’t try to do everything by yourself.


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