“10 Questions”- Samuel Franco Soler

In our ‘10 Questions’ series, KBS caught up with Samuel Franco Soler, a KBS BA Accounting & Finance Student (pictured third from left).

Tell us about yourself 

  • Name: Samuel Franco Soler
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Programme: Accounting and Finance
  • Year: Stage 3
  • Graduation Year: 2020

What attracted you to your programme of study and why? 

I started to be interested about the stock market since I was 17 years old, I knew that the most important skills in order to invest efficiently were to have an accounting and finance background, hence I decided to take BA Accounting & Finance (Hons).

Why did you choose to study at Kent Business School?

I did a foundation year at the University of Kent since I was happy with the university I decided to stay.

Which modules have you enjoyed the most and why?

  1. Futures and Options, Business Finance & Fixed Income: Because it gave me a significant insight of the Financial Market
  2. Strategic management: Because it shows you the essential skills and techniques that you need to know to successfully run a business and be ahead of the competition.

What are the facilities like at Kent Business School and on campus generally?

Friendly, enjoyable while learning and Professional environment.

How about the social life? 

Due to the diversity of cultures, you will have an amazing student life experience no matter where you come from or what you enjoy doing.

What was the teaching like at KBS? 

You can see the change in teaching when comparing a professional or a PhD student. Teachers from professional backgrounds offer an outstanding service where they get to share their experience.

What did you learn from the SimVenture competition?

  1. The challenges of running a business operating in a real-life simulation.
  2. Work within a group where you might have cultural differences with the members.
  3. Effectively use business tools to divert the direction of the business

What are your plans for after graduation?

Work for 2 years, take an MBA and start a tech company. (Probably I will develop my career in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and IoT)

What advice would you give to somebody thinking of coming to KBS?

Don´t choose a bachelor that has a fancy name, rather investigate the modules you will undertake along the three years of university because this will significantly help you to open new opportunities in the future. I applied for International Business because it was cool to say that I was studying such degree. However, after looking into Accounting & Finance modules, I knew I would have more opportunities in my career and my knowledge would be greater for investment purposes.

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