KBS Senior Lecturer ranked ‘X-Culture Best Instructor’ and ‘Global Educator’

Dr Stephan Gerschewski participated in the 2019 Round of the X-Culture Project. He has been participating in the X-Culture Project since 2013 (initially in two universities in South Korea prior to moving to the UK in 2017).

The project involved a total of 4,799 students, who worked in 960 virtual teams across 70 countries. Of those students, 80 were from Henley Business School, the University of Reading who took Stephan’s International Business Environment MSc core module.

Since moving to Kent Business School, University of Kent, in November 2019, Dr Stephan Gerschewski, Senior Lecturer in International Marketing, said he intends to participate in X-Culture with his KBS students, starting from the Autumn Term 2020 or Spring Term 2021.

Stephan was ranked the ‘Best Instructor’ and awarded the title ‘2019 X-Culture Global Educator’. As the X-Culture Project Founder and Coordinator, Dr Vasyl Taras confidently recommended Dr Gerschewski as an ‘innovative educator’, ‘caring instructor’, and a ‘reliable partner and colleague’.

Stephan “proved to be an innovative and inspiring educator and a very reliable partner, who took the responsibilities related to the project very seriously, completed all tasks on time, worked diligently with the students, and responded promptly to students’ questions and concerns,” said Dr Vasyl Taras.

Dr Gerschewski explained the benefits of the ‘real-life’ X-Culture experience gained by the students which “often helps to stand out with the key ‘competitive edge’ on their CVs when it comes to applying for jobs after graduation.”

Vasyl commented on how the project requires tremendous time investment and skills from the instructor and how “Stephan put the students’ interest first and invested the extra time and effort required by this massive project.” He continued, “Stephan showed interest in the research side of the project and has been actively helping with data collection and contributed otherwise to our research efforts.”

“I highly appreciate and value the participation in X-Culture with my students, as it provides the students with a valuable, cross-cultural, and global experiential learning experience. The students usually develop their intercultural skills during the course of X-Culture, along with more efficient and effective, personal development skills, including time management, working under pressure, and working in diverse teams across multiple, different time zones in various cultures across the world.” – Dr Gerschewski

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