KBS Professors and PhD Alumni receive Best Paper Award

KBS Professors and PhD student received a Best Paper Award at the Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) Conference that took place in Newcastle on 14 and 15 of November 2019.

A paper written by Dr Bochra Idris, Professor George Saridakis and Professor Zaheer Khan, titled “The effect of outward and inward internationalisation on different types of innovation: is the relationship different in different-sized SMEs?” won the Best Paper Award in the International Entrepreneurship track organised by ISBE.

The paper examines and discusses the channels through which firm innovation can be achieved through outward and inward internationalisation operations. The paper further investigates the differences between larger-sized SMEs and smaller ones and highlights potential pitfalls when data is aggregated into a single size category.

Professor Saridakis said “Our research sheds more light into the ongoing internationalisation strategy debate and provides new evidence on the effect of different types of internationalisation operations and synergies from SMEs’ innovation. Receiving this award reinforces the academic importance of our research and achieves the significance of the policy implications that emerged from our findings. ”

The paper is originally based on research developed by a former Kent Business School (KBS), Bochra Idris, who has recently passed her viva and subsequently moved to a lecturership position at the Aston Business School. Professor Saridakis, who was the leading supervisor of Bochra’s thesis,  added: “It is a great pleasure to witness that the hard work carried out by our research students supported and guided by the supervisory team  led to  valuable outputs recognised by the academic community and experts.”

The ISBE conference is a yearly event that attracts a large number of academics, policy-makers, practitioners and other participants interested in small business research.  More than 200 papers were presented at the 2019 ISBE conference spanning various categories such as business creation and closure, entrepreneurial education and learning, family business, government support, new technologies and international entrepreneurship.

More information can be found at the ISBE website

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