KBS Lecturer Receives Two Acceptances from Top Marketing Conferences

Dr Mohamed Hassan (Sobhy Temerak), has received two acceptances for his research papers, from two top marketing conferences.

Dr Mohamed Hassan (Sobhy Temerak), Lecturer in Digital Marketing Analytics at Kent Business School (KBS) has received two acceptances from two top marketing conferences.

I am absolutely delighted that my recent work on how to improve the sustainability of “ridesharing business models” have been accepted for presentation in two top marketing conferences that are taking place in the USA in May and June 2020 respectively – Dr Mohamed Hassan (Sobhy Temerak)

His first research paper ‘Building up the “right” first impression in service encounters: Matching up your physical characteristics with the type of the service’, has been accepted for presentation at the Frontiers in Services Conference which will be held at Babson College.

Mohamed’s second accepted paper, entitled ‘“We shall not remain passive”: TSR implications in the sharing economy context’ will be presented at the 2020 Academy of Marketing Science, Annual Conference.

Both marketing conferences will take place in the USA, later in the year.

Dr Mohamed Hassan (Sobhy Temarak) added “My research results are currently being considered by one of the leading ridesharing mobile platforms in the Middle East to undertake some policy changes that aimed at improving the wellbeing of the drivers in this business model. In the KBS marketing group, we engage in research that aims to improve business and marketing practices.”

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