“10 Questions” – Khawar Naveed Bhatti

In our ‘10 Questions’ series, KBS caught up with Khawar Naveed Bhatti, a Kent MBA Alumnus and co-founder of GenSpec Ltd.

Why did you choose to study at Kent Business School?

The course structure and the modules were clearly geared towards innovation and entrepreneurship. The Kent MBA was at the time of applying AMBA certified and the university was trying for AACSB and EQUIS, this showed absolute dedication from the management. Within the year the university has been successfully awarded AACSB and will go for EQUIS in the following years.

I studied Banking & Finance at undergraduate level and felt that I needed a wider perspective for management with an MBA.

What did you particularly enjoy about your studies/time here?

Fellow MBA students were an absolute joy, the weather is amazing, and being away from the city was good for health. The nature around the campus is incredible. Most of all the sense of community amongst all postgrad students meant an excellent environment for work and fun.

What did you think about the teaching at KBS?

The teaching has been excellent; all modules were taught in an interactive way which allowed for healthy discussion within the MBA room.

What does doing a further degree give you that a first degree doesn’t? 

Perspective! When I was doing my undergraduate, I was focused on the degree in a specific field because I did not have a wider world view as I expect most undergrads do not either.

What is the level of support like here for postgraduates? 

The University of Kent has brilliant infrastructure to support all students not only in their studies but in general, be in mental health, career support, and wellbeing. The KGSA, supported by the university, arrange activities year-round to engage student socially as well.

Tell us about your company GenSpec

GenSpec Ltd aims to help local businesses by providing business and technical advisory services, while also providing a platform for them to market their products to Canterbury’s residents and visitors in a bid to grow sales which in turn would contribute to economic growth for Canterbury as a whole.

How do you think your studies at Kent will affect your employment prospects? 

The MBA has positioned me to succeed in management by providing me with the tools, theories and techniques combined with project experience working on tight deadlines, be it as a corporate entrepreneur or on my own venture.

What are your biggest achievements in your career/education so far? 

I worked in corporate banking in a department of 3 managing a 4.5 billion US dollar corporate facilities portfolio. Here I managed to network, support and ultimately streamline the processes to increase efficiency & reduce turnaround times from 1 month to 3 days which translated into increased productivity.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? 

As an important and contributing member of the community.

Any advice for those thinking about taking this course?

The university will provide all resources to achieve your goals, but the only one that can decide whether you succeed is you! So set your goals before starting university and make sure to use all resources available here to maximise your effort.

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