Project: Joint Enterprise University Learning (JEUL)

Duration: 36 months

  • Start of solution: 15/10/2017
  • Project completion: 14/10/2020


  • IT / University of Siena
  • VN / UEH Ho Chi Minh
  • VH / BUH Ho Chi Minh
  • CN / Nankai University
  • CN / Nanjing NUAA
  • UK / University of Kent
  • LT / Vilnius University
  • EN / EU-China Economics & Politics Institute

Project description

The aim of the JEUL project is to build and develop long-term cooperation between higher education institutions and the private sector, influence the way universities work and enable them to learn from the business focus of enterprises, develop and use case studies based on business experience, develop teaching and learning methods, business needs and improve the curriculum accordingly. The aim is to become “business universities”.

Project goal

The main objective of the project is to improve the quality of higher education and its importance for the labor market and society. The project involves identifying the skills and knowledge needs of incoming graduates in enterprises and the subsequent revision of the curriculum in order to integrate these skills accordingly in the curricula. The placement of students in companies will be followed by the preparation of case studies and their integration into the curriculum in order to improve the quality of education at partner universities. With revised curricula and improved teaching and learning methods, graduates gain knowledge and skills that are more relevant to businesses and the labor market.

Target groups

The target groups of the project are universities, their employees, current and future students and businesses. Other key target groups are the government and society as a whole

Expected project results

A. Establishing links between higher education institutions and industry;
B. Identification of missing skills and knowledge and inclusion of required skills in the curriculum; countries;
C. Development and use of case studies involving this teaching methodology at partner universities
D. Creation of 2 university modules in the Enterprise Pathway and use of a suitable Virtual Learning Environment.

View the official website and project newsletter which is available to download

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