University of Kent Students Take Part in Entrepreneurship Competition at Babson

International partnerships at Kent Business School offered two University of Kent students the opportunity to take part in an inspirational immersion in entrepreneurship at globally renowned Babson College.

Stephanie Leon and Anna Magarotto spent a week at the top US College after being shortlisted in global business ideas competition run supported by Santander. They were offered the opportunity thanks to Kent Business School’s ASPIRE and Kent’s partnership with Santander Universities.

Anna, an MSc in Digital Marketing and Analytics, is developing a platform to tackle the climate crisis using augmented reality technology to help consumers reduce their carbon footprint.

Describing the Babson course as “outstanding”, Anna, added: “The opportunity was unreal, we learnt from the best practitioners and now I have much more tools to develop a business idea.”

The Babson course used human-centred design which foregrounds understanding of the customers’ problems and real-world research and testing. Anna explained:  “We practised Design Thinking, empathy and observation focused on the unmet and hidden customers’ needs. We also talked about the difference between managerial and entrepreneurial thinking. Entrepreneurs don’t rely on reports or predictions, but they take small acts quickly, fail early and learn on the way.”


Stephanie, an MSc in Biotechnology and Bioengineering student, is bringing to market innovation in biomedical equipment aimed at the education sector.

She said: “I feel many things – grateful, privileged, and honoured – for being able to participate in an event that will allow me to hone my entrepreneurial skills and potentially bring my MiniBioLab idea into the market. Without Santander, Babson, and the University of Kent ASPIRE programme this opportunity would not be possible. Stay with me on this exciting journey!”

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