Students De-stress and Unwind with Pets as Therapy

On May 10, Pets as Therapy dogs and owners made their third visit to Kent Business School.

A visit from the Pets as Therapy charity gave students a well-deserved break and chance to de-stress during the current exam period.

Nine volunteers visited Kent Business School (KBS) in the Sibson building for 3 hours with their 10 dogs; Maurice, Rosie, Pumpkin, Zulu, Benji, Pepper, Jem, Herbie, Harley and Sox.

The event was free and open to all students and staff at the University of Kent. Nearly £100 in donations were made to the charity on the day with KBS also making a donation.


Stage 1 BSc International Business student, Daniel Lang, has a dog, Louis, at home in Hungary. He said: “This is the best time to get dogs in. I was in the library trying to study, but I just couldn’t concentrate. I feel like now I can go back to it and will be fine.”



Kent’s Pets as Therapy volunteer coordinator, Katie Scarlett, has been involved with the charity for 7 years. She explained: “The charity was set up after a study showed the incredible impact exposure to animals can have on people. We visit all sorts of places, from universities to hospitals, special needs schools, mental health units and work with occupational therapy units on the rehabilitation of stroke patients. The positive benefits really are incredible.”

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