Dr Umair Choksy publishes a research paper on knowledge connectivity in global value chains

Dr Umair Choksy from KBS together with researchers from Alliance Manchester Business School and Temple University have published a paper titled ‘Knowledge Connectivity in an Adverse Context: Global Value Chains and Pakistani Offshore Service Providers’.

The research paper examines how OSPs in Pakistan fared when trying to secure overseas business amid political upheaval and security concerns caused by terrorist incidents since 2007.

Dr Umair Choksy, Lecturer in Strategy and International Business at Kent Business School said: ‘OSPs in unstable countries are already at a disadvantage when trying to secure international business partnerships. As such it is vital they go above and beyond to understand how they fit in the supply chain they are entering, remove or mitigate security-based risks customers might have and focus on building trust with customers as quickly as possible to secure and retain their business.’

The findings have been published in the Management International Review in a paper as given below: Sinkovics, Noemi, Choksy, Umair. S., Sinkovics, Rudolf. R., & Mudambi, Ram. (2019). You can read the research paper in full here.

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