Postgraduate Students Visit the Chartered Institute of Marketing

On Thursday 1 November 2018, MSc Digital Marketing and Analytics students from Kent Business School (KBS) Medway visited the accrediting body for their course programme – The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

The students arrived and were greeted by Sarah Moriarty, the Learner Partnerships Manager, who gave them an introduction about the company and explained benefits of the CIM membership.

After lunch, James Farmer (CIM Head of Brand & Marketing Communications) gave the students a talk about future digital marketing trends and the digital skills across a wide range of industries and levels of seniority.

The students were then set a task to come up with ideas for how Wilkinson Sword’s shaving range can appeal to a younger audience. The case is that statistics show that the younger people are the less likely they are to shave, therefore affecting the sales of Wilkinson Sword’s product. The students were instructed that they need to design a digital marketing campaign and propose solutions in a presentation setup. The students found this experience very creative and enjoyable, one of the students’ commented “The Pitch challenge was brilliant. It really encouraged us to get stuck in with the brief and present in a short amount of time”.

After the presentations, the winning team was awarded Amazon vouchers and special branded KBS power banks.

Student feedback was very positive about the trip:

“I thought it was brilliantly organised and found the venue really intriguing. With CIM and how recognised it is globally, we had the impression it would be in a large office building in London but found it to be quite opposite to our perception. I found the facilities really high-tech and the surrounding areas relaxing (may need to give our own campus team some ideas!) and lunch was great with the different options and the quality of food and presentation was equivalent to a high-class restaurant.”

“I thought that we were all able to gain real insight into CIM and how go to gain a qualification. Found the pitch really fun and engaging and got really informative feedback on what went well and how to improve. Found that the activities were engaging and no one lost interest throughout the day.”

“The venue was superb! Facilities very suitable for the course! Lunch was terrific!”

“Very well organised! Great exercise!!! Wonderful contextual introduction to CIM and the benefits of CIM Global recognition. Sarah and James were brilliant hosts! Thank you so very much!”

“The venue was amazing and very professional. The lunch was completely unexpected for the type of event it was. It was overall amazing and something I would like to do again.”

“Venue is nice. Love all the modern interior. Lunch is fabulous especially chocolate pudding!!”

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