Dr Jan Breitsohl Appointed as Associate Editor of The Information Society (TIS)

The Information society (TIS) is the leading interdisciplinary journal (ABS 3*) on the link between Society and the Internet and has appointed Jan Breitsohl as the Associate Editor.

Dr Jan Breitsohl, Senior Lecturer in digital Marketing, is excited about the opportunity to contribute to the US-based editorial team and comments;

“TIS is a natural fit for my research interests on the Dark Side of Social Media, and the role online communities play in our society in general. I look forward to taking up the position, and would like to encourage any researcher at KBS whose interest touch on these aspects to get in touch with me. As many fields of research increasingly take an interdisciplinary character, I expect TIS to be a publication outlet with an increasingly wide-ranging impact’’.

Dr Breitsohl joined KBS in June 2017, and is keen to build a network of researchers across the University of Kent with interests in the social benefits and challenges of the Internet and Social Media. At present, he is working on several projects on the link between Materialism, Aggressive Comments from Brand Followers on Facebook, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

For more information on the above, please contact Dr Breitsohl on J.Breitsohl@kent.ac.uk, to view our Postgraduate courses on similar topics discussed above, look at our Digital Marketing and Analytics MSc.

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