Senior Lecturer in Finance and Banking Wins ACRI Fellowship

Competition ACRI – Young Investigators Training Program is a program that aims to award 15 visiting research fellowships in 15 Italian University departments to as many young investigators of any nationality carrying out research outside Italy, within the areas of banking, corporate finance, financial markets and instruments, financial regulation and financial engineering.

Dr Timothy King, Senior lecturer in Finance, Banking and Innovation has recently succeeded in winning a prestigious visiting research ACRI fellowship for emerging international research talent (under 40), which will be taken up at the Department of Communications and Economics at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, a leading Italian University, in late August through to mid-September this year (initially). The fellowship is worth €4,000. The University is rated as the second best public University in Italy.

“I am delighted and exceptionally honoured to receive this award. This was an international competition for emerging scholars under 40 and my research profile would have been benchmarked against scholars researching in finance and banking worldwide. The award of the funded visiting research position, funded by a major Italian banking association with international outreach and impact, is testament to hard work by me and my regular researcher collaborators in trying to produce research that carries impact within the banking community”.

Prior to working at the University of Kent, Dr King was at Leeds Business School where he taught corporate finance and commercial banking, as well as conducting research into various corporate governance issues within banking, pertaining to risk-taking and wider bank performance, with specific focus on the relevance of executives’ pay and heterogeneity in experience and qualifications. Now a senior lecturer at Kent Business School, Dr King is enthusiastic to raising his profile in his research and of the Business School, he comments:

“I am excited to be taking up this visiting research position with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, a historic and leading Italian public University; I am confident that it will help raise the profile of my research internationally, as well as the profile of Kent Business School. I hope my visiting position will lead to future collaborations with other leading Italian universities and major banking associations, both for myself as well as for other scholars within KBS”.

Dr Tim King is Senior Lecturer in Finance, Banking and Innovation and teaches on our Postgraduate Finance Suite, for further information about his research please see his staff profile.

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