KBS Investigate Green Finance Initiatives

Kent Business School Academics contributed on a Green Finance Project to explore the initiative taken up by global organisations.

Dr Diana Tunaru as principal investigator and Prof. Radu Tunaru  as co-investigator have worked on a study with Allot Ltd on Green Finance sponsored by Government vouchers scheme with £5,000 over a short period in January to April 2018. Green Finance is the private investment in environmental and sustainable projects and infrastructure.

As part of this study, the researchers in CEQUFIN (Centre for Quantitative Finance) and Allot Ltd explored the Green Finance initiatives taken up by global organisations, the frameworks within which different banks operate and the analysis of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) driven by Green Finance. This will help Allot to develop the prototype and business case for a larger project that may involve investment banks, local government and policy makers.

For more information, visit the Centre for Quantitative Finance (CEQUFIN) website.

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