Breakfast of Champions

On Monday 11 December Kent Business School hosted the first ‘Breakfast of Champions’ – an informal gathering to allow postgraduate students to share their experience at KBS with our leading academics.

The group included the Course Reps and students who had been identified by Programme Directors as contributing to their programme and making a difference. Students were asked to offer feedback on what their best class experience has been, what they have loved, what makes them feel good and what they have enjoyed.

The aim was to celebrate what they are enjoying and what is working well, alongside the opportunity to mix with the academics outside of the learning environment. It also gave us the opportunity to recognise and thank these students for their contribution thus far to Kent Business School.

Comments from the students included:

  • I feel good being part of an academic community.
  • Each day, I improve.
  • Kent offers an entrepreneurial course, designed around asking professionals in the finance industry. As such, not only do I get academic skills but I’m gaining professional skills too.
  • I value the Bloomberg Room.
  • Professors are all very helpful and I’m learning relevant skills
  • Being on the programme gives me different cultural perspectives.
  • I have found seminars really help me in developing my skills – it’s great to talk with so many different nationalities.

This event was made possible with the support from Michael Czincota and Tamsin Harris, who helped to organise this event, and was attended by various academics including Martin Meyer, Radu Tunaru, Jaideep S Oberoi, Shaomin Wu, Omar Al-Tabbaa, Irena Jennings and Maddy Wyatt.

Thank you everyone who attended and supported this event – we look forward to celebrating more successes with our students in the future.

Our Student Reps are elected by you, to represent the student voice at KBS. Should you have any suggestions, comments or queries about your course please talk to the relevant rep.


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