‘The Best International Experience’: University of Kent Summer School Brussels

By Pawel Sosgornik, BA Business & Management student, Kent Business School


Kent Business School student Pawel attended the Brussels Summer School in June of this year. Over a period of two weeks, students participated in a series of guest lectures, seminars and debates delivered by academics, policy-makers, diplomats and European civil servants. Read about Pawel’s experience in his blog post.

My name is Pawel Sosgornik and I am studying Business & Management with a Year in Industry at Kent Business School Medway. This year the University gave me a truly splendid opportunity by offering me a scholarship to take part in Brussels Summer School.

“The curriculum and the great quality of teaching made the Brussels Summer School a truly exceptional opportunity.”

I was interested in taking part because it was a good opportunity to improve my knowledge of MNE’s (Multinational Enterprises) and could support me in my application for a Master’s programme. The Summer School provided knowledge about essential topics concerned with the role of the European Union, which is one of the most important political and economic organisations in the world.

The curriculum and the great quality of teaching made the Brussels Summer School a truly exceptional opportunity. The topics covered helped us to understand current political dynamics in a really accessible way. We were taught about Brexit and the refugee crisis in a way that allowed us to develop our political views in an informed manner.

The city of Brussels offers an incredible cultural experience, and all the students took advantage of this after our classes. Our accommodation was in walking distance from the University of Kent campus in Brussels, and all the participants of the Summer School were given travel cards to be used for sightseeing purposes. From the very first day, I was exploring the old town and Brussels’ world class museums and art galleries. It was a great cultural and intellectual experience.

Many thanks to Pawel for sharing his thoughts. Find out more about Summer School opportunities at the University of Kent.

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