My Year in Industry: James Lagdon

By James Lagdon, Student Experience Assistant


Business and Management with a Year in Industry student James Lagdon is currently on his industry placement based at the Sail and Colour Loft at Kent Business School, Medway. We caught up with James as he comes to the end of his placement to see how he has progressed.

What is your job role?

My job title is Student Experience Assistant. I work as part of the Student Success Team at Kent Business School at the Medway Campus to evaluate and implement student intervention initiatives. I was attracted to the role for its versatility and have not been disappointed, I have had the chance to engage in event management, mentoring, ambassador management, coordination and general administration.

What elements of your job do you enjoy most?

I enjoy most elements of the role due to the autonomy I have been given to put my own stamp on things. My work with the Stage 2 mentors and Stage 1 mentees has been particularly fulfilling as I have been able to witness the tangible effects of my efforts.

My most rewarding experience was organising the Dockyard Ball 2017. I had a vision to formally unite the two schools based on the Historic Dockyard – Kent Business School and the School of Music and Fine Art – in a grand end-of-year showcase event. Now that the event has been and gone with great success, I feel both pride and relief that I was able to – alongside an exceptionally talented student committee – deliver an event enjoyed by so many students and staff across the two schools. Read more about the Dockyard Ball 2017.


What have you learned from your Year in Industry?

Firstly, my personal development has been huge – the skills I have honed, the lessons I have learned both about myself and professional environments, and the chance to appreciate the areas I must work on further between now and graduation. I am far from a ‘finished article’ but I’m a more socially-able person than I was previously. I now have the ability to communicate with different age groups, cultures and personalities. Communication is a key component of a complete professional skillset so that has been hugely beneficial for future job prospects (I hope!).  I have also improved broader skills such as time management, organisation, and self-awareness.

Would you recommend the Year in Industry Programme and why?

The Year in Industry programme is what attracted me to Kent Business School initially and the focussed in-house support that was widely advertised.  My university experience feels more comprehensive as a result and it has provided me with a more realistic and accurate sense of what I would a) be good at, and b) enjoy for the rest of my career.

Are you looking forward to returning to your studies?

It will be a strange transition back to student life due to the nature of my role, but I embrace it. I think my grades for coursework (particularly group assignments) will be better after having gained this experience and I am confident in my ability to cope with final-year studies.

What is the best thing about studying in Medway?

I have developed a genuine affinity with the Dockyard itself due to its history and organic beauty. Medway is a unique place that has facilitated my journey from boy to man.

What do you hope to do after you complete your studies?

Secondary school mathematics teaching feels like my calling.  This may seem controversial or strange given my choice of degree but the skills developed during my time here at Kent Business School are transferable.

Many thanks to James for sharing his thoughts. Find out more about the Kent Business School Year in Industry. 

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James Lagdon

James Lagdon is the Student Success Assistant at Kent Business School, University of Kent.

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