KBS PhD Student Wins Prize for Research Poster at University Postgraduate Festival


Kent Business School is pleased to announce that Annunziata Esposito-Amideo (PhD in Management Science) won an award for the presentation of her research at the University’s recent annual Postgraduate Festival. Annunziata won the Faculty prize for the visual representation of her research focus with a poster entitled, ‘Optimization for Disaster Management – A Novel approach to Evacuation Planning.’

The Postgraduate Festival served as an excellent opportunity for Annunziata to showcase her research. The event drew around 100 attendees from the academic and postgraduate community with input from industry experts including Dr Lawrence Beadle, a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon. As Annunziata shares:

‘Taking part at the Postgraduate Festival has been an amazing experience. I had the chance to showcase my research through the means of a poster, making my research focus accessible to a generic audience. I also had the opportunity to deliver a three-minute presentation of my poster which was a stimulating challenge to undertake.’

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