Professor Said Salhi Publishes ‘Heuristic Search: The Emerging Science of Problem Solving’


Professor Salhi’s book aims to provide an overview of heuristic search in general, to present the basic steps of the most popular heuristics, and to stress the hidden difficulties as well as the challenging opportunities presented to researchers and practitioners when faced with complex combinatorial and global optimisation problems.

Heuristic search, which is a combination of several attributes ranging from mathematical logic to experience, is an art and a science at the same time. Some of these heuristics are inspired by natural and biological evolution, artificial intelligence, and even music. Their applications are now widely used in engineering, finance, management, sport, and medicine among others.

‘The book puts KBS among those prestigious schools that have a research focus on the area of heuristic optimisation which can be applied to business, engineering, finance, and medicine.The book will provide an easy understanding, knowledge, and implementation of issues in the area of heuristic search for the MSc students studying Business Analytics, Logistics or Computer Science, and it is extremely valuable for PhD students in the area of Operational Research, Computing, Engineering and Mathematics.’ – Professor Said Salhi.

The book intends to aid researchers and practitioners in solving complex combinatorial and global optimisation problems and spark interest in this exciting decision science-based subject. It provides the reader with challenging and lively methodologies through which they will be able to design and analyse their own techniques.

The book is suitable as an introductory and general book on the heuristic search for combinatorial and global optimisation for research students at the Masters and Doctoral levels in Operational Research, Computer Science, Engineering, and Medicine. Consultants and analysts in problem-solving and decision making will also find this book to be a practical addition to their analysis toolkit while being useful and easy to read and to understand. Find out more.

Said Salhi is Professor of Management Science & Operational Research. He is also Head of the Management Science Group and Director of the Research Centre on Logistics and Heuristic Optimisation (CLHO) which he established. He developed the MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Kent Business School. Said has edited 6 special issues and published over 100 papers in academic journals. He has researched heuristics for the last 32 years and has supervised more than 25 PhD students in this area. He is a fellow of the OR Society (FORS), the IMA (FIMA), and CILT (FCILT).

Congratulations to Said from all at Kent Business School.

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